Wellman Shew Explores What Makes a Good Leader In the Church?

A good Christian leader is someone who is a servant of God and the people. They are not afraid of being vulnerable and asking for help. Wellman Shew says they’ve also got a strong sense of self-worth and worth for others.

He believes that in the Church, many leadership qualities are necessary for good Christian leadership. Some of these qualities include:

-A sense of humor

-A willingness to listen and learn from others

-An ability to be transparent and vulnerable

-Knowledge of Scripture

-The ability to be a servant leader

A Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is an important quality for a leader in the church. She explains that this quality allows them to be flexible and easily understand difficult situations. The ability to see humor in the worst times can empower a leader while they work through their problems or difficulties.

A Willingness to Listen and Learn from Others

There is power in humility. Wellman Shew adds that a willingness to listen and learn from others is a great trait for leaders to have in the Church. Being humble and open to new ideas is crucial because it can help you get better at your job. If we are committed to this, it will help us grow in the gospel and lead others on the same path.

An Ability to be Transparent and Vulnerable

Churches and organizations with transparent and vulnerable leaders are more diverse, innovative, and collaborative. Transparent and vulnerable leaders often share their struggles and weaknesses to create an environment of authenticity. According to Wellman Shew, this openness allows for diverse thoughts and experiences. Furthermore, this transparency also creates an environment where healthy conflict is welcomed. This aspect is incredibly important for the future of the Church because it will help the Church to reach more people and be more effective in its mission.

Knowledge of Scripture

Scripture defines God’s will for those who are in leadership positions. A good leader needs to be able to understand the Word and apply it to the church community. Strong knowledge of Scripture is a valuable trait for any church leader. Knowledge of scripture is an excellent leadership trait in the church. She says leaders who are knowledgeable about the Bible can rely on Scripture to guide their decisions and be more effective.

The Ability to be a Servant Leader

It’s vital for a leader to be selfless and to support others in the group. Servant leadership is one of the most important traits for a leader to have. As Wellman Shew notes, this type of leadership involves seeking new ways to help you meet the needs of those in your organization.

Wellman Shew is a born-again Christian who is passionate about reaching people and helping them find the joy of living in freedom from addiction. He is a training leader for Celebrate Recovery at Clovis Hills Community Church.

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