Instagram Pin Comments: How to Pin Your Favorite Comments to the Top of Your Posts

While Instagram’s ‘pin comments’ feature has only been tested on one account, the platform plans to roll it out to all users as part of its larger initiative to counter bullying on the platform. The feature allows users to pin their favorite comments from other users at the top of their posts so that they stay visible to all viewers, instead of scrolling down and disappearing into the comments section after several minutes have passed. The following guide will show you how to pin your favorite comments so that you can avoid having to scroll through the entire comment section in order to find them again later.

What are Pin Comments?

Instagram’s new feature enables users to pin a single comment at the top of their Instagram posts, even if that post gets buried beneath a deluge of others. The social network explains that it wants users feel safe expressing themselves freely and have fun on Instagram – not feel intimidated. That sentiment rings true with its efforts to bolster reporting tools for bullying and harassment and block inappropriate comments from showing up in recommended comment threads below user posts.

How do I use Pin Comments?

This feature is being tested on a small number of accounts and only in certain regions, but if you’re one of those people who loves reading comments more than anything else about an Instagram post, here’s how you can use it. All you have to do is tap your profile photo on your phone (while viewing an Instagram story or post) and then tap the ‘pin comment’ icon.

Why should I use them?

If you’re looking for a feature that makes it easier for your users to engage with one another, look no further than Instagram. The new pin comments feature will enable you to pin any comment from your post, including replies and mentions. With Pin Comments, users will be able to revisit important parts of their posts and see what other people had to say.

Who can see my pinned comment?

When pinned comments are tested, only you’ll be able to see your comment at first. This allows you to check out how it looks and works without making your pinned comment visible to everyone. Once you’re satisfied with how it looks, other people will also be able to see your pinned comment when they look at your Instagram post.

When will these be released?

Instagram has not yet officially announced a date for when these ‘Pin Comment’ features will be available. However, they did say that they planned on making it available as soon as possible. This means that if you don’t see them in your app now, you should keep checking back and refreshing your app over time until you do see them. They also said that they would only release it slowly and make sure everything is working well before rolling out to all users. As always with new updates, I recommend checking in with Instagram every few days or so to make sure you have access to these new features if they are indeed released! It can take some time for all users around the world to get access.

How do I access them now?

To access them now, head over to your Instagram profile and scroll down. Look for a comment that is green, as opposed to blue. If you click on it, you will see a new feature called ‘Pin’. This feature lets you choose an existing comment from your post and pin it at the top of your post for others to see! Pretty cool, huh?

What does this mean for business pages?

If your business page is active on Instagram and you make use of live videos and photos, you may have already been given access to a new feature for pinning comments. For now, however, it appears that only select users are being allowed access. If you don’t see it yet, keep an eye out for a message from Instagram in your Activity section when you open up your app.

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